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four seasons
Cold Man

    why friki?

on and only on longnight fringe september, there was but and only but two longsouls ruth and though cannot be named will remain name- being the lavish turning of leaves alluding to the horai equinox. on this day autumn had fell into a damp darkness and though ruth had not cast upon a holy love by his protector, tsukuyomi, he remain surrounded by the people that he once loved in the cast of luna. but people he was not surrounded with but rather with the masquerade demons, and with the demons he lay at the end of V's life. fourty one hours and gone like a candle was him, the only who would traverse with ruth after war's end. all others had succame to the will of borndon without betrought, and V held to him as brothers do. and now, with the false reckoning of tsukuyomi upon our poor, poor terra, the hellspawn manifest within his mind projects itself into reality. four demons suggest four seasons of torment, and ruth be neither anxious nor proud.

of course the retold story of the famiglia by the tounge of ruth will be sure to omit legitimate sentimentality and the urge for change. of course he realized this, he must have, and on that day, surrounded by his friends in that city on a hill, he implore the divine spirit of tsukuyomi to spare him the bearing of the future. of course with the fucking bastard soul within him his call to prayer remain without answer and he exist not in a state of being nor death but a state "friki".

of course i wouldnt take this at face value.

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