|Subject: MV teen suicide | 11/08/18 19:59 EST |

N, I was writing to inquire as to why the recent "Pack" episode had voices of dead kids in it. Do you think you are fucking clever? Yeah, I'd feel real good knowing that my dead child was saying praises of your mediocre program. Your self-righteousness has come at no cost to the well-being of your children. You didn't care that they killed themselves. Cool, I'm fucking smart, and I'd feel real smart with a fucking gun to my head or a noose around my neck. Talk to someone. Who cares? Everyone loves them, the assholes, the lovable fuckers. One of them is on your goddamn podcast team. How's that for irony? I know. He told me to kill myself. Isn't it funny? Isn't it???? Fuck your feelings, buy our armbands. Family! See the truth at THEFRIKIINDEX website for truthseekars.

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|Subject: Re: MV teen suicide | 11/09/18 11:34 EST |

B, I'm going to be asking H for permission to reccomend you a professional psychiatrist. The emails you are sending us contain no truth, and are not funny. If you keep sending these sorts of emails, I'm afraid that we will have no other choice than to pull you out of classes and put you on in-school suspension. I know you need help, but if you aren't willing to help yourself, you won't BE helped. This is your last warning.