"I LIKE HISTORY" up early, I was up early repeating this phrase to myself like it was sade-sati oh It's come early again for me. Take a look hun, how he's munching down on some corn fries. Guess he had a "hot lunch," eh?

Do a little trick spinmaster. Do the Bellevue Blid. Or was it Glid? Either way I'll be eating hot and stanky tonight. That's it, first you do a hop / then you do a skid / you go downtown / and that's the Bellevue Blid!
...proud amon' other things. Mmpf.
Groovy man....Take a look at that shigg... Ain't right Daddy'O (He say daddy 'yeah,' I say daddy 'no'). Come on and drink this shake with me, loke au au~☆. Loke faggot.

Ey, that's hot. Cmon King. We both know what happens when there's a two-way mirror separating you from me. Just get a little lonely an' 'touchy feely' is all. Crying and touchin' from behind the glass. Not like it's anythin' frugal, but I can't be cryin' either. I'm a grown man.

Don't be sad, loke. I'll make it up to you. Now come and give jah daddy a littl' poke, uh?

Here's the ring. God, fuck, does it feel good, ja loke? Ring-------

I can't do without 'ya, loke. I need you. I want to listen to you in this two-way mirror. This gobbledygook about your new life. Make it alright, loke.

I'm callin' ja parents, loke. Naw, don't be sad. I didn't mean it. I really didn't. Neither did you.

Rain and snow will be all that fall / From out of the sky / A kiss won't mean goodbye / When Johnny comes marching home (to F-F-F-F-Frondix!)