Like... Revitalize McDowell Initiative, the old speech n' sap valedickt, the whole "recursive coal industry." Jinkies, Scoob, that's the Memorial Parket on Mercer. Ruh-roh, Raggy, rhat's rhe Embolic M.M. on Maydays of kicked-up Scrag on Wyoming across from Seventy-Sixers! From Wrong Wisdom on 4/4/19: I don't work nor do I reveal myself, uncloaked, in standard daytime Television (of some fucking poignant weatherman that studies the town history Xanthophyll Apartment Markert on Wyoming). Arbeit macht frei und Inverse solar platitude Mercer Juden Roquette Sterling (a quick bite brought to you by Coke / These difficult times / Coke / Spit love / Cocks /...). Zoinks, there's Harry "Our Ford" Ford's ghost!

Gentlemen, have you heard of McDowell Cocks? Thanks to my new invention (the assembly line) I can now manufacture cocks at a rate of 138%.

Well, jeez, Mr. Ford. How can I get involved in this wonderful opportunity?

Well, you see.... I don't really understand it myself.... And I'm kind of scared of it. Thankfully we now have the opportunities to kill ourselves if we wanted to. This is the 21st century, after all.

WELL, if THAT'S how it's gonna be....I mean......

You could still see the scratches in the gold / I hope my skin get blacker than my soul / To the blackness, here I go.