Phil Swift Is The Antichrist

Phil Swift, bold and fucking smug, is now happy to inform you that you undeniably have CANCER, and that it cannot be annihilated. Instead, as the grey mass takes swiftly hold of your brain and eats it raw, you feel a surge of euphoria, a series of electrical impulses brought upon you by the AntiChrist himself, knowingly willing this, and YET YOU STILL FUCKING WONDER IF IT CANT BE SO? WILL YOU TAKE A FUCKING LOOK AROUND YOU AND REALIZE WHERE YOU ARE? Even in the jaws of death, you still cant take a fucking hint? Why do you think that your television set never turns itself off after you go to bed? Have you ever waken up in a cold sweat, nightmare disengaged, glancing over to your TV in the middle of the night and saw whos face it was? Do I even have to spell it out to you? The same goes with Mike Lindell. Sure, you go on your internet and you laugh and you mock for all that it's worth, but none are you far the wiser on what you are actually doing. You are vile. You are SCUM. You subscribe to the very essence of humanity's downfall: FLEXTAPE and FLEXSEAL and it's conformist propoganda. Goddamn it, I feel sick even mentioning them.

Alas, this is truly the end for most people. The cancer is unlikely to be disengaged by at least stage seven, and all seven billion worldwide population is speculated to carry one strain of the disease further than stage seven. HOWEVER, IF YOU SPECULATE THAT YOU CARRY A STRAIN LESS THAN STAGE SEVEN, CONTINUE TO FOLLOW!!!

1996 FlexTape Genocides

Still from "Inaguration Video" of June 6, 1996

Events From "Flex Family Death Tape"

Flex Products and City Cancer"

Common knowledge is known of Swift's snake oil product and now it's lasting effects on the minds of it's buyers. But what of the physical effects? A rare and experimental form of cancer of course! City cancer! Spread directly through contact with irradiated/poisonous school food chemicals, we are now happy to inform you that you are able to now able to catch it from FLEX TAPE/FLEX SEAL/FLEX GLUE products. City cancer instills a sense of fear in all who happen to catch it, day one, to all 7 billion worldwide population. City cancer spreads from stages 1 to 9. No one knows what it effects. No one knows what its purpose is. Only one who knows what it does to the body. Stages one to five instill only a deep fear in the hearts of those exposed, ranging in intensity. Some know of their city cancer if they can listen closely to pick up on infrasound frequencies being broadcast, transmitting torture waves and transdimensional quantam photons to the willing recipient (see later account of this) that develop the cancer further. Those who know of their city cancer are constantly doubted by subsequent 16Hz radio transmissions in all media they consume, melding the body to create permanent loss of all five senses (we call these recipients "the crippled, dumb, deaf, blind, and ugly"). They bring automatic weapons to schools, churches, embassies, and public demonstrations in an effort to inform of city cancer via quantam homocide (see later) and are subsequently murdered by themselves to rid of city cancer or radio police. Those who know not of their city cancer, however, will continue to develop further. Stages five to seven will concern and confuse the recipient. Frequent visits to the doctor will be common, and made up illnesses like "pneumonia" or "coronary artery disease" will be diagnosed, leading the few seven billion to live day to day in fear. By the time that stage eight has started, quantam activation of Omicron skin cells will disallow the recpient from entry into normal earth, and the cancer is absolutely uncurable. By this point, the mind will become seperate from the normal earth body, and the mind will continue to live in a solipsist eternity. Funnel-shaped, purple pores will begin to open up on the right arm, horizontally repeating from the hand to the shoulder blade covering the entire arm, exposing patchy, dry sections of dermis . As time continues and the bumps are fully developed, skin will begin to slowly and very painfully shrink between the tissue nodes, then retreating the bumps into the skin as saved sections of skin exist on top. By stage nine, small, square gridlike sections of pattern resembling toy carpets will begin to develop as hardened mass on the arm. The patterns will be 3 dimensional, and fully functional and touchable as the buildings stick above. By this point, the recipient will be in complete pain, and as quantam photons were engaged enabling complete quantam solipsistic afterlife the recipient will continue to suffer for as long as the essence of existence allows.

My Experience with City Cancer

It was around 6 PM when I had experienced it for the first time. My body was entirely exausted from a night of sleep deprevation, and this dream cycle was one in many that had complimented my midday sleeps since 3 PM. The dream started, not as usual in its openness and airiness, but secluded. The class discussion of a workday prior reminded me that I truly had no dreams of M---- V---, and the fact that this one did finally cemented the fact of cruel irony. Sitting round the table, I held in my hand a mushy and grey substance, to which I then ingested, afterwards knowing that this substance was indeed poisonous. I began to feel extremely drowsy, and an unknown series of events had taken place before I was joined by GB and DW. Naturally, knowing the nature I expected a series of unpleasant events to then occur, to which I then attempted my best effort to push them away and call for medical help, though my call went unanswered by the uncaring nurse. Instead, I wound up in the infirmary joined by GB and DW. I felt a bit hypocondriatic if not drowsy, but not before my right arm was revealed to contain dozens of small, purplish pores exposing the sublayer of dried blood and dermis. I felt lightheaded, and passed out. When I woke up, my arm had developed to stage nine, and my arm contained, in addition to stripped layer of skin at the top revealing a white layer of fat, dozens of small tiles akin to toy carpet designs, though hard 3 dimensional objects with moving parts like tiny cars and a very unpleasant feeling. It was at this moment I began to scream, no longer joined by GB and DW, to which the nurse subdued me. I slowly faded and faded until I eventually woke up, still checking my arm for signs of pores or tiles at least five minutes into my awakening. I felt the instant urge to vomit when I woke up, and I do not intend to take midday naps any longer.