I've taken what you said into consideration but am ultimately hard-pressed to find decent resolve in your arguments—lack of arguments, rather—concerning my 'egoistic malnourishment,' or...? As Donne said, "no man is an island," although I'm sure he wasn't factoring in 'personal god secrecy' when he said that. I am of the belief that the soul is inborn rather than 'turnt,' as you & your goons would say. Yes, I believe in its power, too. Though I haven't realized yet how to go from caricature to portraiture, especially of you. It's extra important to me because I do not value the afterlife. God surely exists, but His kingdom lies out of my reach. This is neither pessimistic nor realistic. My praxis is transient, not guaranteed. Which is why I am now devoted to the Pavlovian 'personal god secrecy' rather than the progressive, 'our-creeds-types" psychodynamic theory. Or as Burroughs put it, "mystical nonsense of egos, superegos, and ids floating around in some kind of vacuum." I believe that we all have the ability to become temporary personal gods at some point in our lives. I am certain that the Freudian pro-creeders (like...progressors/ives? Zoinks!) will lampoon this, and find the blushing from white rice, mint gum, and water abhorrent and abstinential. Indeed I will repress but only under personal god oath.


Skunk Skartin "Respectable" Ruth.