PANDEMIC -- Here's why that's a good thing.

Nothing like a good C*ke huh???

[03:14.14] Pop quiz. I want you to close your eyes and feel what I'm gonna pour on you. Then I want you to tell me if it's C*ke or P*psi and if you'd Drink during Pandemic.

[03:27.39] That's a--- Oooh. Haha.

(Preceeding) Sugar is here during pandemic -- here's why that's a good thing. Common table sugar sucrose disaccharide carbohydrate molecule high fructose corn syrup corn paste is good thing, energy in metabolic reaction full of necessary proteins and yum-yum's (probiotic) for oxidative phosphorylation. Colorful pandemic ["Fuck this, I'm out." type] mascots "Baby [insert name here]" (Baby Index????) will nutricize and nutrohomogenize and nutropasteurize with this nutropaste. 5G nutrotransmission. We asked Dr. Nutrient for his thoughts on this. His response? "Just believe what you want to believe. You can do what you want to whenever you want to. You can do what you want to, there's no one to stop you (sic)." Wise words, Dr. Nutrient. Deep soy? Deep nutrient. Deep sugar, you fucking cunts. I only watch the Super Bowl for the sugar spits, my man. I just saw a fucking ghost. Must be a rod.

If you don't believe me we'll make it ourselves. If you still don't believe me I'll do it again. "Shallow Lead Alloy: Don't Jinx It!" N.C. lucid (fully conscious, not lucid dream state) astral projection back in April 2019 that was eastern dream...something and Madrugada Eterna (steel guitar in my soul...come back fat as a rat all the way down the east coast) it actually was an astral projection going 70mph on Interstate 74.
I am in London, in mind, spirit, ethereal white stock couch.
The period between the two is what I'd like to call "Heartbreak in A Major" aka Mario '97 OST.